"Doors and passages are used for their emptiness .. Thus we need what isn’t and use what is ."

Catch up .

Definitely going to re-update soon . give me a couple days to settle down

  -  30 September, 2013

klxn ;.

I lost everything .

I have nothing left to live for .

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2012 .

Has been real …

  -  31 December, 2012


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  -  14 November, 2012
Are you sure that you have completed a certain time of your life long ago

 As an incurable disease, but it hovers deep in the darkest corner of your heart, which can shoot all the memories flash of time in your head and you can live with the feeling that you’d give anything to get that time back. Even if it were just a small moment. So that the pain is bearable you say you that these beautiful moments are already far behind, and there are no more similarities. 
Suddenly there is this moment - the moment in which you this particular memory crosses your path like a stabbing pain. To do in the place where you think they have to feel the last time properly.

 That feeling . 

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S O  B E A U T I F U L .

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  -  4 November, 2012

And I’m not tryna be without you at the right moment , nigga nice going .
Is it worth it , that decision ? because hearts breaking , and I ain’t tryna be in that collision .

So I’m a dust my shirt and fix my pants , cause I better look good girl if this my chance ,  I swear .

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Love my girl.

Nuff nuff

  -  16 September, 2012